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Our Values

Our values are a guideline for our daily actions. For our customers, they are an orientation for the expectations we want to fulfil. 
We want to be perceived as empathetic, respectful and reliable by our customers, employees and suppliers. Our environment should recognise us as a trustworthy, honest and fair partner who passionately and courageously pursues its tasks and considers the long-term well-being of all stakeholder groups without losing sight of the company's success. In all of this, we endeavour to keep the footprint we leave behind for our children and future generations as small as possible.  

empathy for  people


For our fellwo humans

courage and passion for our success

Courage & Passion

Working together for corporat success and exceptional solutions

liability for our partners


For our partners 

"Using lubricants correctly is like making music. You can buy a piano, but playing it with virtuosity needs to be learnt and practised. The art is to find the optimum combination of keystrokes to make a melody resound. It's the same with lubricants with oils, additives and areas of application."

(Werner Theilacker, founder)

Our Strategy


esgemo - As a manufacturer of metalworking fluids, we focus on the niche in the lubricant market. Our aim is to develop technically outstanding formulations for our customers and to provide the users of our products with health-optimised products. The health of people at the machine tool is the central idea of our product development.

About esgemo

The technical world would be inconceivable without lubricants. Wherever abrasive and other metalworking processes are involved, a customised lubricant is required to ensure the optimum productivity of the machinery used.

However, technological efficiency is only one aspect. Cost-effectiveness and, increasingly, environmental compatibility are the others. The quality of metalworking fluids has a decisive influence on a key factor in the value chain: the operating costs of production. Quality "lubricates" the yield and ensures comprehensive customer benefits, which esgemo GmbH & Co. KG realises with the support of its partners.

With decades of expertise, esgemo GmbH & Co. KG offers a range of high-quality and specialised cooling lubricants. In a broadly diversified product world, esgemo GmbH & Co. KG makes it easier for you to navigate and contributes its extensive experience to finding solutions together. Werner Theilacker is a competent expert whose good reputation is based on decades of involvement in the development and production of innovative fluid solutions. Carsten Zahradnik, who has many years of relevant industry experience as an independent businessman and entrepreneur, acts as managing partner at his side.

Two competences that help finding the most technically and economically productive solution to your problem together with you. Every task is different. That's why esgemo GmbH & Co. KG does not provide you with a standard solution, but with customised products, that represent the optimum solution for the specific manufacturing process.  

Werner Theilacker (links) und Carsten Zahradnik (rechts)

"Our passion is the niche. With great experience, attention to detail and process expertise, we at esgemo design products for niche applications in the metalworking industry." 

(Carsten Zahradnik, founder)


Our approach to Ressources 

The esgemo way

Lubricants save resources

  • esgemo lubricants succeed in reducing wear and increasing service life
  • esgemo lubricants make it possible to increase lubrication performance and reduce power input    
  • esgemo lubricants make it possible to reduce mineral oil content without reducing performance  



  • The selection of the highest quality PAO base oils reduces evaporation loss and therefore saves resources
  • High-quality base oils are significantly more resistant to oxidation than comparable simple mineral oil-based base oils. The products can be used for a much longer time
  • Focusing on new developments such as NT or L-E-T make it possible to significantly reduce the mineral oil content in cooling lubricants (in some cases by more than 50%) and at the same time improve performance 
  • Using optimized containers reduces waste (resources) and transport costs (esgemo reusable containers) 
  • eC02 - Metalworking oils based on upcycling oils - Double environmental effect through multiple use of a product with lower evaporation rates and reduction of C02 emissions during base oil production 



  • Stainless steel container system 
  • Multiple use in replacement system
  • Savings on packaging waste from the IBCs
  • Savings on transportation from filler to cleaner and back 
  • Delivery and collection in one trip by our own vehicle fleet 
  • Complete emptying possible
  • Many additional advantages with storage, handling and insurance


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Expert advice on cooling lubricants to give your productivity a decisive edge


More modern machinery, newly developed materials, higher temperatures, increasing machining speeds - these are all factors of an even higher requirement profile fpr metalworkingfluids in the future. Of course, the demands on a cooling lubricant for reduced tool wear, effective heat dissipation, cooling of the entire system, removal of chips, corrosion protection and, of course, human compatibility still apply.

This requires the liquids to be adapted to the new challenges. Contacting the esgemo specialists is a good choice when choosing the right solution for your furture process. For a high productivity and efficiency of the process chain and  meeting the relevant ecological requirements at the same time.


Why choosing a competent cooling lubricant consultation???

  • Because cleaning processes between machining stages can be made unnecessary under certain circumstances
  • Because a perfectly chosen lubricant can provide positive effects on the quality of the machined products
  • Because there are influences on the following processes
  • To increase productivity
  • To increase the environmental situation by choosing modern fluids


Verband Schmierstoff-Industrie e.V.: Home (vsi-schmierstoffe.de)

Verband Schmierstoff-Industrie e. V. (VSI) is an association of all major manufacturers of automotive and industrial lubricants in Germany. With 84 member companies, the VSI represents over 90% of the German lubricant industry. In addition to the large, multinational oil companies, small and medium-sized companies are also members.  The VSI provides its members with information on current and planned legal measures and sub-legal regulations. The VSI's Technical Expert Committees (TSA) and working groups provide a platform for exchanging technical information and formulating joint positions, which can then be passed on to authorities and other associations. The VSI organizes seminars for the purpose of training and informing its members


The FDPW is the association for all companies in Germany and neighboring countries that grind, manufacture and sell cutting tools and industrial knives. At the same time, we are open to other grinding technologies, such as cylindrical, surface, profile and centerless grinding, as long as they are related to tool grinding or tool and knife manufacturing. The FDPW covers the trade of precision tool mechanics. esgemo has been a proud member of the FDPW for many years.