In die-sinking EDM, the requirements for an efficient EDM fluid are always: maximum processing speed, best surface quality, perfect dielectric strength, minimum electrode wear, odorlessness, low aromatic content and harmlessness to health. This is where expertise is particularly required, in order to achieve the desired “more” ignitions per unit and therefore shorter machining times overall.

- the optimized boiling cut

Crude oil, the raw material of EDM-fluids, consists of many different ingredients. Thousands of ingredients have already been identified, depending on where the crude oil was extracted. The selection of the optimum sections
from the crude oil, the boiling cut, has a very strong influence on the properties of the end products which are refinded from it. esgemo products therefore have a special composition of hydrocarbons that are as pure as possible.

Crude oil consists of thousands of ingredients

As a result, properties can be achieved within the products, that lead to advantages in the final application. When selecting the raw materials, esgemo first focuses on the compatibility and safety of the user and the process. Looking closer on this, this results in outstanding economic efficiency, protects employees and machines and increases everyone's confidence in the sense of responsibility of the people involved.

Our aim: Maximum purity through the perfect boiling cut

The product properties of a modern EDM fluid can be directly influenced by the choice of the boiling cut and the type of raw material that are used. As a result of a high-quality raw material, special results and characteristics can be achieved in regard to viscosity or flash point, for example. This has a direct impact on the processing and the results, that can be achieved with an EDM fluid. Furthermore, a high-purity selection can optimize the health situation at the workplace, through lower evaporation and purer products, to the benefit of all those pepole involved in the process. For esgemo, both goals, protection of the people and quality of the product, are directly related, as one presupposes the other. esgemo therefore always strives for the optimum selection of raw materials, the perfect boiling point and thus low evaporation with optimum viscosity.

Graphic illustration of the optimized boiling section

The perfect boiling cut

An extremely precise boiling cut in the distillation process of oils is the basis for our high-purity products with excellent evaporation properties.

Advantages of reduced evaporation

  • Cost savings due to minimal refilling
  • Less workspace pollution 
  • Less harm to people involved
esgeSPARK SE 75

Special EDM fluid for wire cutting operations

EDM fluid with very low viscosity, manufactured on the basis of paraffinic hydrocarbons. Odourless and practically aromatic-free and odourless. Low consumption thanks to minimal evaporation tendency due to a high flash point

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esgeSPARK SE 105

Multi-purpose EDM fluid for roughing and finishing operations

Odorless with very little evporation Prvides excellent rinsing properties

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esgeSPARK SE 108

Premium EDM fluid for die-sinking operations

synthetic-based premium dielectric fluid Low boiling range of only 12°C, minimizes consumption and provides higher workplace safety

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esgeSPARK SE 110

EDM fluid for roughing operations

Abrasion-intensive EDM fluid with very high flash point. Is characterised by excellent filterability and good skin compatibility

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esgeSPARK EGR 130

High-performance EDM fluid for combined grinding and edm operations

One product for grinding and edm operations on one tool machine. production of diamond tools and/or carbide tools with diamond grinding discs. One product for two different manufacturing processes.

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